Probate Services

The fees for the administration of a deceased’s estate will vary depending on the complexity and value of the estate.  Consequently, Belcher Frost has a range of costs for Probate work. 

The fees are based on an hourly rate for our work plus a percentage (between 0.5% and 1%) of the gross estate plus VAT and any payments which may need to be made to a third party on your behalf.

As a guide, based on our experience, the combined total of the above means our fees often fall between 2% and 3% of the gross estate plus VAT but can be as low as 1% for high value straightforward estates or as high as 5% for small but complex estates.

For an estimate specific to your matter please contact one of the private client team on 01243 377231 or click here to send us an email.

Residential Property Services

Set out below are the costs we charge for the range of residential property work.  These are illustrative estimates relating to the purchase of a freehold property at a price of £325,000 assuming there will be a mortgage on the property. 

We will agree fixed fees with you which are based on certain assumptions which will be appropriate for most transactions. 

We do not charge separately for completion of an SDLT return or other aspects of the transaction which are standard requirements when buying or selling property. The fee quoted includes all these costs.

Please note there are some factors that may affect the cost of the matter.  These include if part of the property is unregistered or planning permission/building regulations have not been obtained. Should additional work, which has not been included in the quoted fee, is required we will discuss this with you prior to incurring any additional costs.

We will occasionally refer to disbursements. These are elements of the matter where costs payable to another agency on your behalf. Examples of these include search fees, Stamp Duty Land Tax fees.

Please note these figures are based on our experience of dealing with previous cases.  The prices are estimates for a standard matter. 

Purchase of freehold house at the purchase price of £325,000-      
Our professional fees  £795.00 VAT £159.00
Lender Legal Fee £100.00 VAT £  20.00
Land Registry Fees                      £135.00    
Local & Environmental Search Fees        £165.00 VAT £  33.00
Land Registry Search Fee              £   3.00    
Money Laundering £   5.00 VAT £   1.00
Money Transfer Fee £  30.00 VAT £   6.00
  £1,233.00 VAT £219.00
Total: £1,452.00    

Please note if the property is leasehold there will be an additional fee of £200 plus £40.00 VAT (£240.00).

This is an illustration only. For an estimate specific to your matter please contact one of the residential property team on 01243 377231 or click here to send us an email.